CGA-540to540 Transfill Adapter w/Gauge,Pressure Release w 4' Hose

CGA-540 TO CGA-540 Oxygen Transfill Adapter for trans-filling portable oxygen tanks from large H tanks at 2200 PSI.  Yoke accessory available as accessory item ($60).

        All parts are rated at 3000 PSI.
All parts are new and cleaned for oxygen service.
        Pigtail is a 4 ft. high-pressure braided stainless steel flexible hose .
        Pressure release valve and gauge are at the midpoint of the hose.       
        Gauge is rated to 4000 PSI
        Pressure release needle valve for added safety and convenience
        Ends are a CGA-540 female
        Check valve eliminates tank contamination

Item #TA-540/4

Our price $265.00 

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