Aviation Oxygen Cascade System for Transfilling Cylinders
DEL5C-3H Cascade System


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High Capacity Cylinders

Oxygen Cascade Cylinder Refilling Systems


Transfill 1 to 6 cylinders at a time from a bank of 3 to 10 supply tanks.

This economical filling station is simple to use and installs in minutes.

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For our Breathable Air Cascade Systems, please CLICK HERE. 

Designed for use by:

  • Airport FBOs and Hangars 
  • Fire Departments
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Home Healthcare Companies
  • Ambulance Companies 
  • Scuba/Dive Oxygen Providers
  • Medical, Dental, Veterinary Offices
  • Government and Military Applications

We provide Cascade Systems and Transfill Hose Assemblies for all commercial gasses.

We will build Custom Transfilling Equipment to your specifications to meet any need.
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Oxygen Refilling System Pricing 

 Part No.

Supply Cylinder ConnectionsFill Cylinder HosesPrice
DEL 3C-1H3 connections1 hose  850.00
DEL 3C-2H3 connections2 hoses1165.00
DEL 3C-3H3 connections3 hoses1345.00
DEL 4C-1H4 connections1 hose1200.00
DEL 4C-2H4 connections2 hoses1350.00
DEL 4C-3H4 connections3 hoses1425.00
DEL 5C-1H5 connections1 hose1275.00
DEL 5C-2H5 connections2 hoses1475.00
DEL 5C-3H5 connections3 hoses1575.00
DEL 5C-4H5 connections4 hoses1725.00
DEL 6C-1H6 connections1 hose1375.00
DEL 6C-2H6 connections2 hoses1560.00
DEL 6C-3H6 connections3 hoses1740.00
DEL 6C-4H6 connections4 hoses1850.00
DEL 7C-1H7 connections1 hose1595.00
DEL 7C-2H7 connections2 hoses1660.00
DEL 7C-3H7 connections3 hoses1875.00
DEL 7C-4H7 connections4 hoses2185.00
DEL 8C-1H8 connections1 hose1895.00
DEL 8C-2H8 connections2 hoses2000.00
DEL 8C-3H8 connections3 hoses2225.00
DEL 8C-4H8 connections4 hoses2580.00
DEL 8C-6H8 connections6 hoses2800.00

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